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Kawasaki Parts Look Up

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How To Use
1) Click on the Kawasaki Link and it will open a new page for you
2) Select from the category to find your right unit.
3) Once you found the parts you need wright down your part numbers
4) Enter them in our search bar on top Right corner and our system will pull them right up
How Do you Find the Kawasaki Engine Model Number Location ?
Kawasaki makes it very easy to find the model number on the Kawasaki engine. You have to have the Kawasaki Engine Model number to get the correct Kawasaki engine parts the first time. Below you will see pictures of where to look for your Kawasaki Engine Model number.

Kawasaki Engine Model Number Location
Now that you know where to find your Kawasaki engine model number location, Below we will explain what the Kawasaki Model number means and what you will need to order the correct Kawasaki engine parts you need to get your Kawasaki engine running again.  Then you can use our Kawasaki Parts look up system to get the parts you need. We are one of the largest Kawasaki parts suppliers on the Net.

What Does the Kawasaki Model Number Mean?

The model number on every Kawasaki Engine explains most details of the engine such as Engine family, displacement and make up of the Kawasaki engine for the OEM user. Below will explain the numbering system
First Set of Numbers or 1 st Segment called :   Kawasaki Model Number
The Kawasaki model number is the first 6 characters 
for example (FD620D) and it is generally located on the engine block or fan shroud on a white sticker with a bar code above it. (See pictures above). In this example the first two letters(FD) Indicate the engine family which has the following meanings. If Kawasaki Model Starts with F it indicates four stroke also if it started with a T it indicates two stroke engine. Then numbers following the Engine family indicates the displacement of the engine. In our example the 620 is the relative displacement in CC. The Last character indicates the crank shaft orientation normally  (V) for  vertical crankshaft  and (D) for horizontal crankshaft. So our example is "D" for horizontal shaft.
Example : FD620D
FD - Engine Family
- relative displacement
D - Horizontal Crankshaft

Second Set of Numbers or 2nd Segment:  Kawasaki Spec Code is very crucial when ordering parts. This is the DNA of the engine
The Kawasaki spec code indicates the make up of parts needed to make up that engine for the OEM supplier it will be used on. Kinda like a VIN number on a car. This number is different on most engines as also use to identify what manufacturer that Kawasaki engine was made for any parts that where changed for the Kawasaki engine user.This number is crucial for parts look up and ordering the correct parts the first time.
In our Example :
FS01  - Used on Exmark Lawn Mowers

Third Set of Numbers or 3rd Segment:  Kawasaki production / update  Code. This code is very not crucial when ordering parts.
The Kawasaki spec production code indicates
the number of updates the unit has had since first production. This number is not commonly used when looking up parts.

Now that you know more about Kawasaki engine model number and how to look up Parts

Now that you know Kawasaki model number of your engine you will be able to look-up Kawasaki engine parts on our Kawasaki parts look up system. Trust when you need Kawasaki engine parts with our best prices on Kawasaki parts online (largest dealer in the South , 5th overall in the country), you can easily order the Kawasaki engine parts you need  and have them shipped right to you from one of our 3 warehouses. 

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