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Oregon Bump & Feed Semi-Automatic Trimmer Head # 55-284

Part Number OR-55-284
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Oregon Bump & Feed Semi-Automatic Trimmer Head # 55-284
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Oregon Bump & Feed Semi-Automatic Trimmer Head

A favorite among many major OEM's, this trimmer head features single or dual line indexing with equal line extension.
Recommended for trimmers under 28cc. 1 or 2 line bump & feed. Includes bolts for 7MM x 1.0 LHM, 8mm x 1.25 LHM, 10MM x 125 LHF.
Recommended trimmer line size: .095
Fits the following trimmers
  • Alpina 170, 180, 200
  • Ariens BC-350, BC-400, TB-220E, TB260
  • Arimitsu AC-ZEK, ACC-17, ACD-17, ACD-18, ACE-30, AM-31, AM31K, AM40, AM-50, ACC-15, AM-16D, AM-24D
  • Astron S250 (1984, 1986), S150 (1986), S250(1983), 256E, KFS4 SERIES, KFS12, KFS22, KFS24, P750, PK2400E, PK3300E
  • Brush King BK32, BK32LT, BK49, BK85, BK100
  • Efco 200, 2601C, 300AIC, 400A, 460, 261A, 310, 410, JET200, 260, 261, 300A, 8420, 8420IC, 8510, 8510IC, 8425, JET350, JET400, 220IC, 260ICAV, 260D, 300AIC, 460/AVS, 8060, 8200, 8220IC, 835, 8400IC, 8300, 8350, 8400, 301, 350, 220IC, 260D, 2650ICAV, 8100, 8515, JET450, JET460
  • Green Machine GT35B, GT40B, GT41, SRM3000, SRM3000LP, SRM3000SS, SRM3040M, 525H, 1200, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1930, 1940, 1950, 2000, 2100, 2130, 2200, 2230, 2300, 2331, 2340, 2345, 2500, 2500-LP, 2510-LP, 2540, 2540LP, 2600, 2800, 2810, 2840, 2841, 2850, 3000, 3000B, 3000J, 3000-LP, 3000M, 3000SS, 3040M, 3050M, 3451, G2A, G2C, GT20, GT21, GT22, GT25, GT31, GT31B
  • Homelite HK-24 (TO 1/1/86) HK-30( AFTER 1/1//86), HK-33 (TO 1/1/86), ST 80/100/120/160/180/200/210/360/385(EURO)
  • Husqvarna (UP TO '86) 16R, 22R, 24R, 25RL, 24R (UP TO SER#603702)
  • Ikra BT1045
  • Iseki DYB201, DYB202, DYB251, DYB252, DYB254
  • Jonsared BP40, BP40 COMBI, BP2040, BR400, BR420, BR450, BR460, BR480, GT21L, GT22L, GT24L, GR26 COMBI, GR26D, GR26L, GR32L GR32L CAT, GR2026CL, GR2026D, GR2032, GR2032D, GR3032L, GR2036; LR SERIES: 200, 220, 220B, 220L, 260, 260B, 260L, 300, 320, 400, 420, 450, 460, TIGER 40, LR200, LR220B, LR260, LR320, LR300, BR400, BR500, LR400, LR420, LR450, LR460, GR32L, GR32LCAT, BP40, BP40 COMBI, BP2040, BR400, BR420, BR450, BR460, BR480, GT21L, GT22L, GT24L, GR26 COMBI, GR26D, GR26L, GR32L GR32L CAT, BIG RED 400, LIT/RID30
  • Kaaz V20
  • Kawasaki KBL23A, KBL26A
  • Makita EM4251, RB251, RBC221, RBC230, RBC251, RBC252, RBC255, RBC260, RBC261, EBC281, EBC310, RBC311, RBC321, RST250, RBC410, RBK410
  • Maruyama BS184, BC184C, BC200, BC201, BC230, BC241, BC260, BC260H, BC310, BC320, BC320H, BC326, BC340DL, BC402, BC420H, BC500, BC500H, BC2300, BC2600, BC3200, BC4200H, BCGX22, BCGX31, BCL2250, BCL2250C, MC-5, NC8, BC220DL, BC221DL
  • McColloch MAC22/23/30A, SUPERMAC30AV, MS33, DELTA, 38AV, MS33, MS40, BP30AV, TD2400/3300/4000
  • Mountfield 16, 18, 22, 23, 24, 26, 33, 40, 43
  • Nikkari 22, 24, 37, SDX20, RK521, TDK518
  • Olympyk OL8740BAV, OL8742BAV, OL8750PRO, OL8753BAV, OL88510BAV, PRO-38, OL8735LAV, 727S, 727T, 733S, 733T, 740S, 740T, 433BP, B200, B220, B260L, B220L, B220S, B260, B300, B320, B400, B420, B450, B460, OL8260BAV, OL8260DAV, OL8260LAV, OL8260TA, OL8350BAV, OL8350LAV, OL8450BP, OL8460BAV, OL8725BAV, OL8725LAV, OL8726TA, OL8735BAV
  • Pioneer/Partner B180, B250, Spartan, 200, 205, B250C, B250V, T250(EURO)
  • Red Max BC220DL, BC221DL, BC300DL, BC2300DL, BK235FL, BK345FL, BK435FL, BK530DL, BC17, BC23, BC32, BC240DL, BC260DL, BC262DL, BC261DL, BC340DL, BC341DL, BC342DL, BC430DWM, BC440DWM, BC2600DL, BK 346FL/245FLK/436FL, BC 254A/260DM/260DMU /340DWM/340FW/431DWM, BCD20, BCF01G2KC, BC 3400DW/4400DW, BCX2600DS, BCZ 2500S/2500SU/2500SW/2500BC,
  • Robin NBR-30(K) 40, NB351(Z)
  • Ryobi/Ryan/IDC RD180K, REK285BP, 108KS/S, 3318
  • Sabo 23-700
  • Sabre B25, S25, S25C
  • Shindaiwa LT18, T18, LT20, C20, T20, T20A, T35, T230, T230S, T230XR, C230, DYB201/202/231/232, T23E, T195, T220, T222, T242, T242X, T2510X, BP-35, BP-45, C-25, C-27, C250, F-20, R-20, R-25, R-35, T-25, T-27, T-250, T-260, T261, T261B, T261XR, T261XB, T-270, T272, T272X, T282, T282X, T300, T3410, T3410X, T-350, YARDWARE220, VP35, DYB251/252/254/261, DYB321/322, F18, F20, F230, P18, P21, C23
  • Shingu S20, G1823E, G1823DE, G2523E, G2523DE, PK2325E, PK2326DE, PG3330DD, PK4035DD, PK4845DD, 650, P750, P850, 200, 250, 350, S22PNC, S23PNC
  • Shingushoko 200, 250, 350, K301, 600, 650, 700, P750, P850
  • Stihl FS50, FS5OE FS50F, FS51, FS51AVE, FS55, FS55R, FS60, FS61, FS61AE, FS61E, FS65, FS65AVE, FS65AVRE, FS80E, FS80RE, FS86, FS90, FS90AVE, FS91, FS96, FS85R/RT, FS83, FS83R/RT
  • TAS HD180, Parlander, SUM301, SUM7000, TBC23, TBC232, TBC262, TBC265, TBC30, TBC301, TBC322, TBC355, TBC373, TBC422, TBC501
  • TMC 1800, 2400, 3300, 3350
  • TML 2856
  • Tanaka 218, 220E, 233, 301, 321, AST-210, AST 7000, SUM-301, SUM-321; TBC SERIES: TBC-162, TBC-205, TBC-215, TBC218, TBC-220, TBC-220SS, TBC-232, TBC233, TBC-240, TBC-250, TBC-262, TBC-265, TBC-270PF, TBC-300, TBC301, TBC321 TBC-322, TBC-325, TBC-355, TBC-373, TBC-400, TBC-420PF, TBC-422, TBC-422C, TBC-425, TBC-500, TBC-501, TBC-2100, TBC-2110, TBC-2211, TBC-2510, TBC-2800, TBC-3010, TBC-4500, TBC-4501, TST-218, TST-501, AST7000, TUM220, TBC265SDH, TBC2000/2200, AST250, TUM250, SUM250, SUM500/351, SUM421, SUM301, SUM7000, SUM400, 2000, 265SDH, 300SDH, 355SDH, 422SDH, 500SDH, TBC200ON
  • Tondu S100, S250, 260, 350, PRO850, PRO255, PRO851
  • Weedeater 599, 22(EUROPE)
  • Westmac 16, 23, 31
  • Windmill AM SERIES
  • Vandermolen L3335G
  • Xenoa FDC26, FBC12, BC15, BCD
  • Yamaha YBC20D, YBC30D, YBC40D
  • Yazoo TBC31, YBC16, YBC23, YBC31
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