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Safety Pro 12 Climbing Rope By New England Ropes 1/2" x 120'

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Part Number:B1NESP50120PB
Safety Pro 12 Climbing Rope By New England Ropes 1/2" x 120'
Safety Pro-12 has a unique design that results in a rope that is easy to knot yet resists flattening which is common on other 12-strand climbing ropes. The difference is in the construction. Each of the twelve strands in Safety Pro-12 consists of a core of lightweight polyolefin surrounded by tough, durable polyester. The twelve strands are then braided around a bundle of our blue nylon-core yarns. The result is a hybrid 12-strand/Coremantle design that strikes the perfect balance between firm and supple. Safety Pro-12 has minimal bounce so there is little wasted energy when climbing. Its high strength and outstanding abrasion resistance also make Safety Pro-12 a great rigging rope. Safety Pro-12 is available in 1/2“ diameter in white with orange and green
Rope Construction  Kernmantle
Diameter 1/2" (13mm)
Weight  7.5 lbs/100ft (11.3kg/100m)
Spliced Average Breaking Strength 6,600lbs

**Published breaking strengths are spliced rope strengths to enable a better understanding of actual working strengths.
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