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When To Replace Paddles

When to Replace the Paddles on a Single Stage Snow blower

This is one of the most ask questions we get from snow blower owners. There are a few ways to check if your impeller paddles are needing replacement

1) If your snow blower isn't throwing the snow as far as it used to or you are getting snow plugging up in snow thrower then that the paddle impellers are worn and should be replaced.

2) Check the shape of the impeller tips if they are angled and shredding ( See Picture below) this is a sign the paddles are hitting the pavement and need replacing along with Scrapper bar is worn and needs to be replaced.

3) Some Paddle companies put a wear hole in the paddle and when you have worn into the hole you need to replace the paddles.
SeService Note: Remember most impeller paddles should be replaced as a set as if one is worn then both paddles are worn. Also the biggest wear item missed is the Snow blower scrapper. See our information on When should the scraper Bar be Replaced and this could save you money down the road.
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